Importance of Effective Communication at Workplace

Importance of Effective Communication at Workplace

Employees have always believed that an organization’s management should be transparent. Employers who spend the extra time and effort in encouraging open communication will gain respect from employees, leading to better results in the organization. It is undeniable that communication in the workplace is the sign of a healthy workplace culture. Therefore, effective communication is the central to all business goals, small or big. 

Improves Productivity and Efficiency

We have all felt lost when given a task by our leader, not knowing where to begin. Most of the time, employees are not given clear directions as managers are just not comfortable communicating with employees constantly. Managers hold the responsibility to communicate effectively with employees to better understand their talents and skills. This doesn’t just increase the turnaround time of the project but also allow employees to discover a job best suited for their skills. Clear instructions help increase overall productivity and efficiency as there is no need to clarify any issues faced by employees.  

Increased Job Satisfaction 

Employee satisfaction helps companies survive the cut throat competition in running their businesses. Employees being their strongest asset, it is important that they are happy and satisfied with their jobs in order to give their level best for the company. Healthy communication is when employees obtain the accurate information and do not feel left out within the system. When employees feel the sense of inclusion, they would want to bring the organization to a higher level and not just because their superiors ask them to do so. 

Better Client Relationships 

A successful salesmanship is being able to build a strong bond with their customers. The best way to build this relationship is through effective communication. Every employee, particularly those working in the human relations or marketing department are required to have excellent communication skills. Poor communication may result in lost sales or tarnish the company’s reputation as a whole. Employees with good yet effective communication should always begin in the workplace before engaging customers to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Reduces Conflict Among Employees 

Conflicts have never been able to occur by itself. It is brought around by taking sides, talking behind each other’s backs and retaliating. The time that was supposed to be spent on designated tasks is wasted due to conflicts, reducing company’s productivity. However, most conflicts can be prevented by expressing each other’s opinions while keeping an open mind. Employees should acknowledge that a situation exists and try to find the underlying problem and solution for it, together. Effective communication allows individuals to express their emotions safely, instead of letting their anger off in the wrong way which may cause further issues in the workplace. 

Increases Employee Engagement 

Boosting employee engagement has always been the ultimate goal for HR departments leading to countless surveys, multiple meetings and new programmes. However, the actual most effective way to create engagement is through day-to-day communication. With the ever advancing technology, businesses must find new ways to communicate effectively with their employees. A clear communication nurtures more loyal and productive employees who are better engaged with the company. Therefore, managers should send messages with openness and honesty while keeping a clear authentic tone to build engagement with employees. 

Boosts Company And Employee Growth

Poor communication can cause un-measurable profit loss to an organization. Although communication skills are taught in colleges and universities, they are most likely forgotten over time as one steps into the working life. Communicating clearly with clients helps set realistic expectations for the task. To encourage better communication, tools such as emails and virtual meetings should be utilized to its best ability to ensure everyone in the company is updated with information. It is therefore crucial to communicate clearly for the company to obtain higher profits at the same time boosting employees’ growth in their communication skills. 


Improves Team Building

Any team, may it be in university or in the workplace requires honest and open communication among members. Every member should be given a chance to express their opinions to ensure a steady progress of the project. As a result, the entire team is able to bond strongly together, creating a more enjoyable workplace. Communication keeps employees’ morale at an all time high, making them feel useful. Employees will be more enthusiastic to prove themselves in order to not let their teammates down. 

Increases Effective Innovation

Almost 80% of all employees have the fear of speaking up and voicing out their opinions about their colleagues or the company. If employees are scared of sharing their thoughts and ideas, they will only remain stationary in their career advancement. They will only contribute their bare minimum, affecting the company’s business growth. Therefore, supervisors and employees must practice open communication to encourage employees to be more vocal and also effective with their tasks. In this way, they are more confident and will be more creative and innovative within the organisation, providing better ideas and results. 

Reduces Employee Turnover 

There is so much being said in giving the right offers to employees at the same time providing benefit to the organisation. Employers must always listen to the needs and expectations of employees and try their best to provide satisfaction. By communicating effectively, it will influence how employees feel about their organisation, giving a positive impact on them. When employees can easily access their benefits, they will remain more loyal to their employers, hence reducing employee turnover annually. This proves that just by communicating effectively, employees are better engaged and are capable of increasing the company’s profit. 

Enhances Employees’ Skills 

Every individual holds one or more talent that might not have been discovered or realized. In the workplace, managers are capable of exploring employees’ hidden talents by communicating effectively with them. They can help enhance their skills, which will benefit the workplace over time and also improve the employee’s capability in the company. For example, an employee may be more suited to be in marketing instead of the financial department. This is where the manager comes in to observe and aid employees in order to help them do better in the company and gain recognition. 

In a nutshell, effective communication doesn’t just apply to one’s personal life but also to their work life. Employees and employers can foster a good relationship just by talking to each other to understand each other’s expectations. When employers are meeting employees’ needs, it does more than just benefit the workplace, but the entire organisation. It can be clearly stated that the prerequisite for a successful business is by establishing proper communication, face to face and also social media channels.

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