Why Employee Recognition Matters

Why Employee Recognition Matters

For most people, a simple act of achievement acknowledgement is a major boost for morale and better performance. In any workplace, every employee is expected to give their 100% of heart and soul in completing a project given by their supervisor. Although there is a National Employee Appreciation Day every year, employee recognition should be practiced every single day of the year. 

Employee recognition is the stepping stone for a successful management in an organization. It is an important part of company culture that must not be forgotten. Today, the way organizations appreciate their employees matters more than ever. 

Encourages High Productivity  

It is not uncommon for employees to feel that their hard work and effort on a project is ignored once in a while. Workplace recognition provides a sense of accomplishment and allows employees to feel valued, just for their presence. Besides that, recognition acts as an example to other employees that their work does bear fruit. Recognition has been found to boost employee productivity as they actively push themselves to do better and produce greater results for the company. 

Leads to Higher Employee Retention 

The indirect cost of employee turnover each year has been a problem for many organizations worldwide. When one employee leaves, the other team members will have to take in additional work, leading to an unhappy workplace environment. No matter the type of employee recognition, every company must have one. A simple saying of  “Thank you for your hard work” goes a long way in making employees feel appreciated by the company. Recognition involves treating employees as individuals who bring value to the organisation and not just easily replaceable employees. This will lead to a higher employee retention rate over time. 

Increases Employee Engagement 

A culture of employee recognition has presented numerous benefits to many organizations. Employee engagement is the emotional commitment where they want to feel that their work has a purpose and is recognized by everyone in the company. With a good employee recognition program, such as award ceremonies and company souvenirs, it creates better employee engagement leading to a more effective company which in turn produces satisfied customers. Employee engagement is without a doubt the key factor on the thrivability of a company. Therefore, employee recognition is important to increase the engagement of employees. 

Forms a Higher Employee Morale 

Without employees, no companies will be able to run as smoothly. Employee morale is one of the main factors that keep the company in one piece. With low morale, almost every aspect of the company will suffer great loss. As morale is usually associated with feelings, and job satisfaction, employee recognition is closely related with high morale in the workplace. Basic recognition such as a compliment, or an award is more than enough to raise their morale and increase job satisfaction. With high employee morale through great recognition ways, it tends to inspire greeted productivity and satisfaction among employees in the workplace. 

Help Build A Positive Workplace Culture 

For job seekers, there is nothing more important than working under a company with a positive workplace culture. An increasing number of companies opt to create a fun work atmosphere with multiple benefits for their workers. Through an employee recognition programme, people are recognized for their efforts, hence making the workplace somewhere they want to spend their time in. When employees realise the positive culture they are in, they will put in extra effort on the tasks given, providing better results overall for the company. 

Increases Employee Motivation 

Employees who do not feel adequately recognized by their companies are twice more likely to quit in the next year. The most effective recognitions are always authentic and personalized to each employee. A low-cost recognition such as a thank you card can be extremely meaningful and memorable to the employee. They will notice that they are not just working for a good salary, but to impress and produce good results for their supervisors who appreciate them. Overtime, employee motivation will increase leading to higher revenue sales in the company. 

Enhances Team Spirit 

A study has shown that a person’s desire to impress other employees has been the greatest factor behind a team achieving its goals. A strong team spirit exhibits higher performance as peer pressure is a good motivating force. When employers provide recognition such as team reward, may it be cash or a holiday trip, the team’s desire increases as everyone knows that there is a reward at stake, and will give their best to earn it. With this recognition, it allows employees to cooperate better in given tasks. 

Decreases Workplace Conflict 

Conflicts and disputes between employees in a workplace is inevitable in every organization, no matter big or small. If left unresolved, it will decrease morale, lowers productivity and eventually employees may even quit their job. Employees who were able to keep a clear mind and resolve their conflicts on their own, should be given recognition and praised. This sets an example to other employees to have a stronger emotional intelligence and  avoid future conflicts by improving their social skills and focus on the problem involved. 

Lowers Employee Stress and Absenteeism 

A healthy job is where the pressures on employees are appropriate and they have the right amount of control over their work. Excessive stress can lead to other more serious health problems such as depression. Besides that, stress will also impair strategic thinking, and will eventually lead to higher absenteeism. When employees do not come to work, the entire company’s productivity is affected. Therefore, having recognition and respect at work is a fundamental human need. By encouraging employee recognition, employees will feel that they have a positive personal rapport with their management. They will feel less stressful when their work gets noticed and awarded. 

Strengthens Trust Between Manager and Employees 

A positive working relationship has always been based on trust. An employee-manager relationship is a primary component to a successful company. Employees rely on their superiors for guidance on how to improve their skills. When a manager provides good employee recognition, it carries a message that you have each other’s best interest in mind. This produces an environment of trust which adds greater efficiency to the workplace productivity. 

In short, employee recognition is a form of appreciation that supervisors or managers show to their employees for their hard work in the company. It could be a simple high-five, a shout out in front of other employees or even a bonus at the end of the year. Recognition can take many forms but it is the authenticity of it that matters. Implementing the right kind of employee recognition program will only increase a business’ competitive edge.

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