The world has changed. So must your Employee Engagement too!

OpusLoop is a growth tool that is always on and always available. It provides a unique employee connect and engagement platform for anonymous conversation, open feedback and peer-social recognition in a very minimalist form.  

Connected Workforce - Where the company culture lives

We believe every organisation should have a robust and affordable digital employee  engagement platform, one that addresses the needs of an increasingly diverse and distributed workforce.

Stay Connected & Shout Out

Stay connected with your colleagues anonymously or by revealing who you are, it’s your choice! 

You can discuss in smaller groups within your organization or with your entire organization. 

You can ask any questions and get answers from other co-workers, you could also run a peer poll and get real time results or simply shoutout your opinion on any official topic or brainstorm an idea with all your co-workers. We promise, we will never reveal your identity if you have posted anything as Anonymous.

Feedback & Recognition

Anyone can seek or give feedback to anyone within your organization publicly or in private. Just give your co-workers that much needed honest feedback and rise as a team!

Foster the culture of recognition throughout the company. Celebrate every single success with the entire organization.

One platform - many possibilities

OpusLoop is a minimalist yet powerful employee connect app – The new way to connect candidly with your co-workers with the option to hide your identity!

Recognize every success

Foster the culture of recognition. Recognize every small or big success with your entire organization.

Open & Honest Feedbacks

Cultivate the culture of giving regular honest feedback. Give feedback to your co-workers or seek feedback for your career growth.

Run Polls

Conduct real time peer polls to gather information or validate an idea or just a fun poll to know the organization mood.

Be Connected. Anonymously.

you can post or comment anything staying anonymous. You can now shout out your mind without worry

Say your opinion

Have a healthy discussion on any topic or brainstorm an idea with a small group or entire organization.

Ask Questions

Get crowd-sourced answers to your question or conduct a virtual Q&A session with department heads or management.


OpusLoop is a free, cloud based solution that connects an organizations’ entire workforce on one platform and can be accessed anywhere and anytime.


OpusLoop employee connect app is absolutely free for any organization and teams. Our Analytics platform will be a very reasonable subscription based solution and will be launching soon.

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